Personal styling – what to expect

As a Personal Stylist I can help you in a number of ways: from understanding the styles that work best for your bodyshape, and colouring, to reviewing your clothes collection, personal shopping for a capsule wardrobe or special occasions, and personal brand development.

If you often find yourself wasting money on unworn, unflattering or ill-fitting clothes using my services will also help you shop to a budget and save money in the long-run.

It’s my job to direct you to the right clothes and accessories for your body shape, colouring, lifestyle, personality and budget. I will help you invest in clothes that look great on you and you love wearing. No more bad clothes days or not knowing what to wear, instead an effortlessly stylish new you!

Helping you define your own style is one of the most important aspects of any consultation. Your clothes have the potential be a form of self-expression, telling the world who you are, without having to say a thing. Style is not about being a slave to the latest trend, it’s about creating a timeless wardrobe that looks great on you and makes you feel fabulous.

The starting point for many of my clients is a wardrobe consultation from the comfort of their own home – this is one of the most interesting parts of styling session as it gives me great insight into your shopping habits and the opportunity to create new looks from the pieces you already own. Throughout our sessions you can rely on me to give you caring, honest and straight-forward advice.

When we hit the shops together be prepared for an action-packed day trying on new looks that have been selected just for you – each piece will be hand-picked for your body shape, individual style, personality and budget. Shopping with me – your personal fashion stylist - will be fun and quicker than shopping on your own. You will come home with clothes that you feel confident in, complement your current wardrobe and give you plenty of options for work, play and everything in between.

Throughout the session, I will give you tips on how to dress for your bodyshape and colouring. You will also receive a personal style booklet following our appointment so you know what types of clothes to look for and where to shop when you next need some retail therapy – all designed to help you avoid retail dilemmas and frustrations in the future.

When you dress your body shape in the right way, you will love the skin you are in. Over time many of my clients experience unexpected benefits as a result of their new image including improved self-confidence and self-esteem, which can contribute to having a positive effect on their relationships, career and general well-being.