I used Rhi’s fashion styling service to review my wardrobe and to shop for new clothes (twice). At first I thought I didn’t need her to go through my wardrobe. However, I highly recommend it as Rhi showed me ways to combine outfits and add accessories to create new looks. I feel I actually saved money. Shopping with her is great fun as she has a terrific eye for fashion. She is a natural at providing styling advice. She listens and responds to your individual needs and makes you feel very comfortable. And importantly she spends time pre-planning so you don’t waste time and money shopping. Thank you Rhian.
— Jane West

I loved the experience - Rhi is professional, helpful and kind. She gave me great advice and support throughout the consultation, her approachable personality and love of fashion made my personal styling & shopping session really enjoyable and fun. She understood exactly what I was looking for and is my number one choice for style and fashion advice.
— Stacy Semiklit

Thank you SO much for your advice on how to rescue my dream dress for my wedding and for recommending your tailor. The dress looked amazing and fit me perfectly for the big day! The wedding sandals you picked out, were a great success and had the bonus of being comfortable as well as looking fabulous.
— Joana Pires

As a new Mum, of twins (!), with a new lifestyle, body and clothes budget to contend with I approached Rhi to inject a new lease of life into my wardrobe. We started off with a wardrobe audit, which turned out to be the most beneficial session I have booked – fresh eyes on my wardrobe produced a whole new set of outfits not to mention a new way of looking at my body and how to dress it.

Shopping with Rhi is so much fun, she makes you feel comfortable and at ease from the get-go and her enthusiasm for style and fashion is infectious. She has a great eye and encourages you to try new styles, which more often that not end up in your wardrobe!

Two and a half years into motherhood and I have reclaimed my body confidence – I am back in my bikini! I have said goodbye to shapeless clothes and now have a great wardrobe uniquely suited to my bodyshape, lifestyle and budget.
— Justine Smith

I just wanted to thank you again! The Wardrobe Audit and Personal Shopping Sessions were a really good exercise in re-training me how to dress for my body – having been out of action for almost three years, if you include being pregnant, and then dealing with body changes post baby, I really had lost confidence and knowledge in how to dress. You’ll be pleased to hear I’m enjoying thinking about what to wear again and starting to be more adventurous!
— Michela Nesbitt